Apple dumplings

Apple Gyoza Recipe (just in 15 minutes)

Have you ever eaten a sweet dumpling? If not, then you didn’t taste anything in the world. You often see my salty gyoza recipes (chicken, vegetables, and shrimp), but today, you will get a completely different touch. This is a sweet recipe for apple gyoza, which is made from apples. Its taste is similar to apple pie. This unique and elegant dessert will inspire you after reading this blog. It’s also a great way to impress your friends and family. And it’s very easy to make them on different occasions, like Christmas, Halloween, or New Year’s Eve. So let’s learn about it!

What is apple gyoza?

I can understand how it feels to listen to it for the first time. When I heard about it, I was completely shocked that it was possible ?, but when I tried it, it had good taste and was very simple to make. Its apple taste is very similar to that of apple pie. this is a Japanese apple recipe It can be air-fried, steamed, or baked. It tastes a little bit tangy, sweet, and soured.

Basic Ingredients:

  • Sugar:

Will change your mouth taste into sweet 

  • Cinnamon:

It gives a rich, warm, and sweet fragrance to your dessert.

  • Nutmeg (optional)

Adding it gives a warm, nutty flavor to our dish

  • Allspice (optional)

It will help to maintain the taste of the extra sweetness of the apple 

  • Apples:

It is our main ingredient. It will give it a juicy flavor.

  • Butter:

It will keep the gyoza apple moist, and it’s better than oil, according to taste, while frying.

  • Water:

To stream and soften from the inside.

Apple gyoza


The gyoza wrapper that you need to assemble the dessert is wonton. You can usually get them from nearby stores. If you didn’t find them, then it’s not a big deal because you can make them at home with just three ingredients. It can be made with wheat flour, water, and some salt. You can also make them with corn or rice flour instead of wheat, but I don’t recommend them at all. The reason is that the flavor that we need will change, so it’s better not to use them.

Kitchen tools you need:

  • pan or air fryer
  • sauce pot
  • A spoon
  • cutting board,
  • sharp knife
  • bowls
  • Apron



In the first step, cut the apples into small cubes. Then heat a pot over a low flame and add some butter. Put the water, apples, lemon juice, nutmeg, and agave syrup in it. If you don’t have any, then you can simply add sugar.

Step 2

Heat them for 8 minutes maximum. Check if the apples have been soft. Then add cinnamon and turn off the flame. Keep the mixture cool before using.

Step 3

Then pick up a wonton gyoza wrapper in your hand and, using a tablespoon, place the filling in the center and fold it slowly in the form of a half circle (pleats). Don’t use the filling if it’s still hot.

Step 4

Next, in the process of cooking, heat a pan and add butter. You can also add coconut or sunflower oil. Then place the sweet dumplings in it and fry them for five minutes. Turn the flame off when it is golden. Then serve them.

Apple gyoza
Apple cinnamon gyoza

serving suggestions: 

The serving for this Japanese apple cut snack is quite different because this gyoza does not need any dipping sauce. But if you are willing to have it, then you can make hot peanut butter sauce, which is made from peanut butter, sugar, and melted butter. You can serve it with many things, like ice cream or simple cream. You can also add maple sauce to increase its flavor. Additionally, you can also garnish 

Can we steam apple gyoza?

Yes, you can steam, air fry, or pan-fry it. It will help to moisten the gyoza from the inside.

Are apple gyoza sweet or savory?

Well, somehow it’s a combination of both flavors. You can adjust them by adding more sugar and lemon juice.

Can I make apple gyoza gluten-free?

Of course, you can make it by changing the wheat flour wrappers into rice or corn flour.

Is it okay for someone on a diet to consume it?

It’s ok to consume it because it does not have any extra fat. However, if you are on a diet, then you can reduce the amount of sugar and oil. You can put cinnamon or honey instead of it. almonds, sesame seeds, honey, or caramel to make a creative look.

Apple gyoza 

Recipe by Hamza ZafarCourse: AppetizersCuisine: JapaneseDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time




  • 2 apples (350 gram)

  • 2 Tbsp. sugar or agave syrup

  • 30 wontons wrappers

  • 2 Tbsp. Oil (coconut, sesame or olive)

  • Maple syrup or cream for serving (optional)


  • Cut the apples into small cubes and bring them to the pan. Add lemon juice and sugar and cook for 7 to 10 minutes.
  • After being soft and cool, with a spoon, put it in the center of the wrapper. Fold it in a semi-circle shape.
  • In the next step, fry or bake them for 3 to 5 minutes until golden.
  • Last thing, serve them with anything you like!


The apple dumplings can be frozen for 20 days if not cooked, while if there are leftovers, they can be stored for one day only. Please don’t use strong-smelling oil like castor because it will make the desserts taste bad.

Nutrition facts: (per serving)

Total Calories
500 to 600 kcal
10 to 15 grams
30 to 40 grams
5 grams
2 grams
100 to 150 mg
5 Mg
70 to 80 Mg
15 to 18 grams
Vitamin C
30 Mg
Vitamin A
1500 to 2000 IU
1 to 3 Mg
This nutrition information is calculated automatically, so it should only be used as a rough guide.

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